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How to Protect a Retirement Plan in a Down Market

Posted Mon May 07, 2018

Market corrections are a worry for all investors, but they can pose a particularly big problem for people who have just retired and are starting to dip into savings. Each time retirees sell stock, it digs a hole out of which their portfolio must climb to keep producing the same amount of income over time. The more they sell—and the earlier—the deeper the hole. This doesn’t mean it’s always bad for a retiree to sell stock. Selling when the market […]

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Is Trump Making a Big Mistake on Trade?

Posted Wed Apr 11, 2018

Commentary by Steve Lewit, MA Economics Every action has a reaction. The reaction to Trumps trade policy has caused a reaction in the markets here, and overseas as China begins to retaliate. Volatility in the market was on the rise before Trump’s tariff decision. Now, it’s off the charts; China has done nothing but sit on the sidelines throughout all of Trump’s commentary about their trade policies. Today they’ve moved from the sidelines onto the playing field. Where will this […]

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Should You Hire An Accountant To Help With Your Taxes?

Posted Thu Mar 29, 2018

Tax day this year falls on Tuesday, April 17 — two whole days later than usual! If you’re running down the wire to file, remember that you essentially have two options: hire a CPA or file on your own using an at-home tax preparation service like TurboTax or H&R Block. Some people may often decide to hire an accountant out of fear of filing incorrectly and getting audited, but the IRS rarely asks for an in-depth scouring of people’s taxes. TurboTax says says […]

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As of August 25th, 2017 SGL Financial is the new company name for Wealth Financial Group. Only our name has changed - our ownership, our team members, our commitment to great client service and everything else is the same. To learn more about this exciting development, please click here to read our blog post on our new website!

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