Fears of Retirement are Not Uncommon

You’re not alone if you’re scared of the unknown for your future. Throughout the years I’ve met many people, talked about their personal financial situations and listened closely to their concerns and questions about retirement. The most common concern I’ve dealt with is fear. Fear is not an uncommon subject when it comes to finances. People are worried and they do not have the security they need or deserve. Here are some of the most common fears of retirement.

1. Not Having Enough Money
2. Maintaining Independence
3. Healthcare Expenses
4. Inflation
5. Social Security

These are some of the top and most common fears amongst all people in any stage of retirement. Not having enough money and outliving your savings and income is at the top of the list. A study was taken to see which American’s feared more, death or outliving their money. Thirty-nine percent (39%) feared Death and sixty-one percent (61%) feared Running out of Money! Like many people think, retiring can be a scary thing. What am I to do now? People need a purpose, a reason to get up in the morning and tackle the day and truly enjoy life. Through my passion and dedication to helping people, I’ve been able to ensure my clients with a sense of security and happiness. Now they don’t have to live with these common fears and financial insecurities. Nothing makes me happier when I get the privilege of seeing my clients walk in the door with a great big smile and a hug.

See you soon!