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Reducing Your Tax Bill with Tax Loss Harvesting

Posted Thu Jan 12, 2023

It’s safe to say that at some point in time, you may lose some money throughout your investment horizon, both short- and long-term. However, a losing investment can be a good opportunity to lower your tax liability by deploying a tax loss harvesting investment strategy. Instead of accepting your investment at a loss, utilizing this method is a tax-smart strategy all investors should consider.  The tax-loss harvesting strategy works in a fairly straightforward way. Whenever an asset or security in […]

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Finding the Right Fiduciary Financial Advisor To Help You Achieve Your Financial Goals

Posted Mon Dec 12, 2022

We’re going to make a couple of assumptions in regard to how you search for and select the right financial advisor for you and your family.  Assumption #1: You are looking for a financial advisor because you don’t know anyone you trust or feel comfortable entrusting your wealth and investments with.  Assumption #2: You are not certain what kind of financial professional you need to help you reach your financial goals.  This article will provide guidance around these assumptions and […]

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Comprehensive Financial Planning Done Right Provides Long-Term Financial Rewards

Posted Mon Dec 05, 2022

It can sometimes seem that there are as many investment strategies as there are indices to invest in, which can be overwhelming. While there will never be a shortage of financial experts and gurus offering supposedly infallible advice, there are tried and true methods that withstand the test of time, regardless of the latest financial fads.  Successful long-term investment management requires financial discipline and comprehensive planning. As a financial advisor in Buffalo Grove, IL, our team at SGL will help […]

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Can a Fiduciary Financial Advisor In Buffalo Grove IL Help You Create a Comprehensive Financial Plan?

Posted Thu Dec 01, 2022

Are you nearing retirement and feeling overwhelmed by all the financial decisions you need to make? Or, are you a young professional just starting out and trying to figure out how to save for your future? If either of these scenarios rings true with you, it might be time to consider working with a fiduciary financial advisor in Buffalo Grove, IL.  In this article, we’ll cover the following topics: The importance of working with a fiduciary financial advisor How to […]

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Comprehensive Financial Planning In Buffalo Grove, IL

Posted Mon Nov 21, 2022

No one knows what the future holds. With that in mind, as an individual investor in Buffalo Grove, you should consider creating a comprehensive financial plan for yourself and your family.  The purpose of a financial plan is to prepare you and your family for any planned or unplanned life events that may occur over time. In other words, it is intended to help you protect and build your wealth as you go through various phases of life.  This article […]

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The Importance of Creating A Holistic Financial Plan

Posted Wed Nov 16, 2022

When it comes to our finances, most of us think about short-term wins and goals: how can we save more money each month, pay off our credit card debt sooner or invest more money for our future use. While those are all important aspects of financial planning, they’re only part of the puzzle. To create a truly holistic financial plan, we also need to think about our long-term plans and how all aspects of our lives play into them. That […]

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Comprehensive Financial Planning Involves Much More Than Investing

Posted Thu Oct 20, 2022

Planning for your future is a multifaceted endeavor in terms of building wealth. It involves ample time, in-depth research, thoughtful strategizing, ongoing monitoring, accurate reporting, and more analysis than one may think. It’s far more complex than simply investing in the right assets, which makes going it alone a risky proposition, especially during such economic uncertainty!  When you work with a financial advisor in Buffalo Grove, IL., they can assist you in developing a comprehensive financial plan that addresses all […]

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How To Invest In Your 60s

Posted Sat Oct 08, 2022

Your financial and life goals are likely different at 60 than they were in your 20s. If you’re nearing 60 or 70, switching financial gears into retirement requires you to know what investment options make the most sense for your financial situation. But how can you possibly know what to choose with all of the contradictory advice out there, especially where to invest in a bear market?  Yes, investing in your golden years requires a little more consideration of your […]

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Where To Invest In A Bear Market

Posted Mon Sep 26, 2022

Do the impacts of a bear market on your investments have you puzzled about when and where to shuffle some of your assets? As a financial advisor in Buffalo Grove, IL, we are here to assist you with strategic asset allocation that accounts for current and future economic conditions. If you’re considering investing in anything right now, especially if it’s an investment vehicle like stocks, it’s in your best interest to take a look at all risk factors before jumping […]

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