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3 Easy Steps to Accomplish Your Goals

Set a goal and stick to it. It’s that easy, right? Well actually it is! But on average, 70% of […]

Posted 06-01-2018

5 Car Buying Tips to Get a Fair Price

Buying a new car can feel like a daunting task. Most dread the idea of spending their weekend sitting at […]

Posted 05-16-2018

How to Protect a Retirement Plan in a Down Market

Market corrections are a worry for all investors, but they can pose a particularly big problem for people who have […]

Posted 05-07-2018

What Are Your Retirement Goals?

When you think about retirement, what do you picture? Do you envision spending time with your family? Hopping on the […]

Posted 05-02-2018

His and Her Retirement Planning

TODAY ON EPISODE #008 His and Her Retirement Planning If you’re married, then this will come as no surprise. It […]

Posted 04-26-2018

The True Value of Estate Planning

How does your understanding of estate planning match up with the true value of an estate plan? On today’s episode… […]

Posted 04-18-2018

Is Trump Making a Big Mistake on Trade?

Commentary by Steve Lewit, MA Economics Every action has a reaction. The reaction to Trumps trade policy has caused a […]

Posted 04-11-2018

The Silent Killer of Retirement: Inflation

TODAY ON EPISODE #007 The Silent Killer of Retirement: Inflation Have you ever put on a lot of weight at […]

Posted 04-09-2018

Should You Hire An Accountant To Help With Your Taxes?

Tax day this year falls on Tuesday, April 17 — two whole days later than usual! If you’re running down the […]

Posted 03-29-2018


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