Who Can Benefit from Wealth Management? Is it You?

benefits of wealth management

Comprehensive Wealth Management is considered the king of financial advising services and is built of key components aimed to build wealth for your life. At first glance into the world of wealth management, it is easy to assume that the focus is only investments – trading stocks and bonds. But these are not the only key components made up of effective wealth management. Other components include an advisor who will aid you in creating a solid financial plan encompassing tax guidance, retirement, estate, and insurance planning. These key components have aided countless SGL Financial clients in Buffalo Grove, IL. and the Chicagoland area.

Now that you know more about comprehensive wealth management, just who can benefit from wealth management services?

Clients Who Have Delayed Retirement Planning

 There are several reasons that Chicagoland Area residents may delay retirement planning. For some, it’s simply a matter of not thinking about their latter years during their dedicated and busy careers. Others may have chosen to invest their income elsewhere, leaving them less income to designate to retirement income until later on in their careers.

It’s important to note that no two retirement plans are the same. Due to varying income levels, some enter into retirement in their early 50s; an obvious contrast to others who are considering mid to late 60s for retirement. When you’re prepping for retirement in your late 50s, it’s important to note that you may have 30-plus years of retired life to enjoy. Having financial security for those years is an invaluable commodity.

Clients Who Are Retiring Earlier than Expected

 Sometimes our clients find themselves in a position where they need to retire earlier than originally expected. A great example of this is the entrance of the COVID-19 pandemic where many jobs were lost and some decided to retire early out of necessity for their health. Wealth management can help keep goals aligned when the unexpected occurs. An effective wealth management advisor can quickly adapt to the needs of their clients. Retiring earlier than expected, even if it’s only by a couple of years, requires moving around some money and finding investments that can continue to provide dividends for the foreseeable future.

Clients Who Have Been Left an Inheritance

 One of the more responsible, benevolent things a person can do is leave their heirs in a good financial position. The tradition of legacy has made it common for a loved one to leave behind an inheritance so their earnings will help take care of loved ones after they’ve passed on. These inheritances often come in the form of trust accounts, beneficiary IRAs, and sometimes even safety deposit boxes. Perhaps you have recently lost someone who has left you a sizable inheritance that you would like to see honored. Navigating all of these new terms and processes can be very challenging; especially when grieving is involved. Wealth Management can benefit you by helping you to allocate your inheritance in a way that helps you mitigate the stress often accompanied by a loss while still honoring the passing of your loved one.

Clients Who Plan to Leave an Inheritance

Perhaps you are the individual who would like to leave a legacy. The amount of money you can leave to loved ones in your absence will largely depend on how well your portfolio is being managed. SGL Advisors always regard estate planning as an integral part of the comprehensive wealth management process considering aspects such as succession planning for business owners to complex tax issues that often surface when handling the estate of a passed loved one.

Clients who want to bolster their net worth, maintain their wealth, and live their best lives.

Lastly, maybe you are a successful business owner or a newer medical professional now earning a sizable paycheck. Or perhaps you are none of the scenarios mentioned above and you have simply worked hard to grow your wealth and want to see your nest egg continue to flourish. If you can relate, I am confident SGL’s Wealth Management services can benefit you. Our services are designed to help clients who are looking for a passionate and honest approach to their portfolios. Our team of advisors is transparent about how they plan to help you grow and maintain your hard-earned wealth.

So whether you’re planning to retire in the future, need to expedite your retirement process or you’re simply looking for a way to ensure the financial security of your loved ones, remember that a successful financial plan starts with an experienced fiduciary financial advisor well versed in delivering solid comprehensive wealth management. As fiduciaries, we are legally bound to keep your best interest in mind and we enjoy doing so. Not all advisors are fiduciaries, but all SGL advisors are. To learn more about how SGL Financial can serve you, reach out today.