SGL Live on WGN 9 News – Student Loan Payments Resume

Previously paused due to the pandemic, repayments on student loans are starting up again in October. Watch SGL President Steve Lewit’s appearance on WGN 9 News to hear what it all means for borrowers.

Here’s what was covered Live on WGN 9 News:

  • This will be a rude awakening for many borrowers, what is your best advice for restarting these payments?
  • Inflation has spiked, people’s lives have changed in the last 3 years. What about those who are really going to be struggling to repay or don’t have the money to do it?
  • Budget cuts mean there are less employees at the Loan Servicers to talk to for help. What should people do who don’t have online access to their accounts and need to speak with someone on the phone?
  • What options are there for people who want to pay off their loans sooner?