A Retirement Reform Bill, #CancelMyDebt and a New Change for the Chicago Cubs

Our 2 Cents – Episode #016

A Retirement Reform Bill, #CancelMyDebt and a New Change for the Chicago Cubs

Join Gabriel, Steve and Trent on this week’s podcast where they discuss an important retirement reform bill called the SECURE Act and the ways in which the new bill could affect your retirement savings and contributions.

We then take some time to talk about debt, and the types of debt that truly impact many of our everyday lives. From student loan and credit card debt and Elizabeth Warren’s plan to #CancelMyDebt, to ways to get credit card perks and reward without applying for a new card, we’ll cover it all.

We shift focus to Social Security where we share our thoughts on whether or not it will be around in the future, and what all that fine print in your statement actually means.

We wrap up this episode with some interesting new updates coming soon to the way you will be able to watch Chicago Cubs games! Don’t miss out! Listen now!

Here’s what was covered in this episode: 

  1. House Approves Retirement Reform Bill that Amends 401(k), IRA Rules [Fox Business]
  2. Billionaire Pays Off $40M in Student Loans for College Grads [MIC]
  3. Millions of Adults Over Age 60 Struggle With this Debt [Motley Fool]
  4. Should You Request a Credit Card Product Change? [The Points Guy]
  5. Social Security’s Dire Warnings for Retirement [Yahoo Finance]
  6. New Cubs TV Network Could Cost $6 to $7 Per User Per Month in Carriage Fees [Bleacher Nation]

Tune in now to join us for this discussion!

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