Election-Year Investing Ideas, “Corona Purchases” & Getting to Know Steve & Gabriel

Our 2 Cents – Episode #040

Election-Year Investing Ideas, “Corona Purchases” & Getting to Know Steve & Gabriel

We’ve got a really fun show lined up for you this week!

With the upcoming November election just four months away, what “money-moves” should you be making today to best be prepared? Also, what in the world is a “Corona Purchase?”

On today’s show we discuss a range of great topics, and even more importantly, we give you, our listeners, an opportunity to hear some fun and quirky facts about your hosts, Steve & Gabriel Lewit.

Show Highlights & Topics:

  • Financial Planning After the Pandemic?
    According to a recent poll, 72% of Americans say that they’ll prioritize financial planning once the pandemic is over. What percent do you think actually will?
  • What’s a Corona Purchase?
    A new term has emerged in the world, dubbed the “Corona Purchase.” Due to boredom, extra savings, or some other reason, people are using this time to make large purchases. Boats, new cars, pools, house projects, etc… Do you think it’s OK if people splurge a little during this time, or should we embrace financial discipline and sacrifice given future economic uncertainty?
  • Should We Have a Second Stimulus Round?
    Now that it’s been a few months, what’s your assessment of the effectiveness of the stimulus checks and PPP loans? Do you think there should be another round for everyone?
  • The Personal Side – Getting to Know Steve & Gabriel
    Fun facts and getting to know us better! From favorite animals to nostalgic memories from the past. Discover some cool things you didn’t know about your show hosts. We have a lot of fun, be sure to listen in!

Tune in now to join us for this discussion!

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