Is Age the Price of Wisdom?

Our 2 Cents – Episode #075

Is Age the Price of Wisdom?

Welcome back to another new episode of the Our 2 Cents podcast. We’re leaving the financial numbers and statistics out of the conversation today, and focusing on the ways people truly think about money and how that may shift with age. Let’s dive right in!

Age and Wisdom: How Do They Play into Financial Planning?:

  • With age comes more experience, observation, and understanding. How can this shape the way you look at money?
  • We’ve gathered lots of experience over the years, what can our experience help teach you?
  • Could your goals for your money change as you age?
  • We look at things people said they wish they would have known about or done differently after gaining more wisdom as they’ve aged.

Listener Questions:

  • “I’ve heard of something called a ‘Robo-Advisor,’ can you tell me what that is? – Karen
  • “Investing seems simple to me. Why don’t you just buy dividend paying stocks and live off the dividends and that way you never need to dip into your principal?” – William

Get to Know Steve and Gabriel:

    • What is your favorite fast-food restaurant?

Tune in now to join us for this discussion!

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