Life Lessons from the Yacht

Our 2 Cents – Episode #077

Life Lessons from the Yacht

A pilot, a captain, and a school bus driver? Listen in to this week’s episode of Our 2 Cents to find out what Steve’s retirement might look like one day. Also in this episode are key retirement timing and career considerations, important components of a custom-tailored retirement plan, and more!

Retire or Work Longer – Which is the Right Choice?:

  • Have you considered being a “retired worker”? We explore why down-shifting, yet still working in retirement is a popular option.
  • What are the financial and social impacts of semi-retirement and full retirement?
  • This one thing should be the driving factor in your decision. What is it?

Ways to Customize Your Retirement Plan:

  • You need a retirement plan that “fits” you. We talk about why a custom-tailored approach is so important to your success.
  • A variety of factors go into customizing your plan, we look at:
    • Income Sequencing
    • Retirement Age
    • Risk
    • Insurance Coverage
    • And more!
  • What does it mean to have an efficient plan, and why is it important?

Listener Question:

  • “I’ve been very blessed and probably have more money than I will need in my lifetime. Should I start giving away money to my kids and grandkids now so they won’t have to worry so much about paying estate taxes or high probate costs?” – Rick

Tune in now to join us for this discussion!

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