“Market Jitters” & Getting More for Less

Our 2 Cents – Episode #072

“Market Jitters” & Getting More for Less

The Our 2 Cents podcast is back with a brand new episode this week. Steve and Gabriel have a lot to cover regarding stock market headlines and creating the most efficient investment portfolios. Listen in now!

What to Do if You Have Any “Market Jitters”:

  • Are doom and gloom headlines & predictions making you worried about a stock market drop?
  • What is the media trying to do by using click-bait headlines and creating fear & concern?
  • Cash Drag: what is it, and how does it impact your portfolio?

The Efficient Frontier:

  • What is the Efficient Frontier, and how can you know if your portfolio is on it?
  • Is it possible to get more for less when it comes to investing?
  • Portfolio diversification, asset allocation & how to maximize returns with the least amount of risk.

Quote of the Month:

  • “Retirement is wonderful if you have 2 essentials…”
  • Hear what the essentials are, and if Gabriel and Steve agree with them or not.

Tune in now to join us for this discussion!

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