Money & Marriage: Keeping Your Spouse Financially Involved

Our 2 Cents – Episode #062

Money & Marriage: Keeping Your Spouse Financially Involved

This week’s Our 2 Cents episode is a great one. We discussed some really important topics and answered some of the listener questions we received!

How Women Can Make Sure They’re Involved in Financial Decisions:

  • What are the risks to not being involved in the financial decision-making?
  • How having a financial advisor could be a great back-up plan to stay “in the know”
  • What are some ways to start getting involved?

Tax Filing Tips with Steve:

  • Did you see Steve on WGN? He had a great interview covering a range of tax-related topics
  • What advice didn’t he get a chance share in his interview?
  • Missed the interview? You can watch it here

Listener Questions:

  • Should I purchase an investment property or keep my money invested where it is? – Cheryl, Huntington Beach, CA
  • Should I pay off my mortgage quicker or invest that money? – Ed, Mundelein, IL
  • CD’s are not paying right now, what is the best alternative investment? – Maria, Elk Grove, IL

Tune in now to join us for this discussion!

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