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How to Avoid Becoming a Victim of Tax Scams

Posted Tue Feb 05, 2019

Our 2 Cents – Episode #001 How to Avoid Becoming a Victim of Tax Scams Steve and Gabriel are joined on this episode by Trent Martin as they discuss recent financial news, the Polar Vortex we just experienced here in the Midwest and a lot more! Here’s what was covered in this episode:  How to Avoid Becoming a Victim of Tax Scams How is Financial Planning Different from Retirement Planning? The Economical Impact of the Government Shutdown Budgeting Strategies & […]

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Our Top Unique Planning Challenges

Posted Tue Aug 14, 2018

TODAY ON EPISODE #11 Don’t Fall for a Cookie-Cutter Retirement Plan  Mmmm, fresh baked cookies. Yum! When it comes to baking cookies, a one- size-fits-all cookie cutter is a great thing. After all, you don’t want your “person- shaped” cookie missing a head or a foot! But, with your retirement plan? One-size- fits-all is no good. In fact, it’s a really bad  thing for you. Today’s episode will show you the secrets to a truly customized retirement plan – built just […]

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First Steps Towards Your Financial Plan

Posted Thu Jul 26, 2018

TODAY ON EPISODE #010 First Steps to Getting Started on Your Financial Plan Have you wanted to improve your financial plan, but struggle with how to begin? On this week’s SGL Radio episode, join Steve and Gabriel to discuss the first steps in getting started. Podcast Highlights: You have to start somewhere, take the first step How to get yourself organized and knowing where everything is Figuring out what your life and retirement goals are How much risk you should […]

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Your Questions Answered: Life Insurance, Real Estate, Taxes and Inflation

Posted Mon Jul 09, 2018

TODAY ON EPISODE #009 Your Questions Answered: Life Insurance, Real Estate, Taxes and Inflation This week, we answer YOUR questions! Our listeners, ask and we answer. Tune in and take a look to see if we answered your questions today. For some folks, the idea of putting together a financial plan can be overwhelming. But it’s less threatening if you just focus on a first step to get you started. But depending on your situation, your most logical first step […]

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His and Her Retirement Planning

Posted Thu Apr 26, 2018

TODAY ON EPISODE #008 His and Her Retirement Planning If you’re married, then this will come as no surprise. It takes two to complete a successful retirement plan. On this podcast, we’ll look at how husbands and wives have different financial goals and how that creates conflict. We’ll, of course, also explore how to resolve that conflict to establish a solid financial plan. Episode Highlights: Ideas and strategies to collaboratively communicate about finances together The 5 assessments that we give […]

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The Silent Killer of Retirement: Inflation

Posted Mon Apr 09, 2018

TODAY ON EPISODE #007 The Silent Killer of Retirement: Inflation Have you ever put on a lot of weight at some point in your life? You probably didn’t notice it at first, but after some time went along, you looked in the mirror, and “WHOA! That just crept up on me fast!” The same thing happens to financial plans exposed to inflation. You might not notice it for a while, but after many years, an financial plan left exposed might […]

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Reducing Stress in Retirement

Posted Tue Mar 13, 2018

TODAY ON EPISODE #006 Psychologists have determined that retirement is the 10th most stressful event that you can experience in life. After all, you go through a lot of changes in retirement in terms of daily schedule, lifestyle, relationships and more. Let’s look at the ways to proactively deal with stress in retirement. Episode Highlights: How to prepare for significant lifestyle changes in retirement The times have changed: life expectancy after retirement The 3 phases of retirement: Go-Go Years, Slow-Go […]

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Market Volatility and How to Respond

Posted Wed Feb 28, 2018

TODAY ON EPISODE #005 On February 5, 2018, the Dow plunged 1,175 points. This plunge was the biggest point decline in history during a trading day. How did you feel when you heard the news? What kind of emotion did you feel? The bigger question is, what did you do? Episode Highlights: What just happened with the market drop? Interest rates are on the rise and how it affects you What to do when the market drops? Why you should […]

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Quiz Your Advisor – Part 2

Posted Tue Feb 06, 2018

TODAY ON EPISODE #004 We started off our week with a blizzard here in Buffalo Grove, IL; how has your week started off? We hope great! Every other week on SGL Radio, we will discuss topics such as retirement, income planning, money saving tips, taxes, market updates, trends and much more! Last time on SGL Radio, Steve and Gabriel walked us through some important questions anyone who currently has a financial advisor or is looking to hire one should ask. […]

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