Retirement Planning is Like Building a House

Our 2 Cents – Episode #085

Retirement Planning is Like Building a House

Before the holiday break, Steve and Gabriel recorded a great episode of the Our 2 Cents podcast. To kick off the show, Gabriel shares a great analogy about retirement planning and the ways in which the fundamentals of building a retirement plan resemble those of building a house.

Next, the guys answer some thoughtful listener questions and wrap things up with some updates that will be coming to Medicare and Social Security in 2022.

Retirement Planning is Like Building a House:

  • When building a house, what is the very first step you should take before digging in?
  • A blueprint is helpful when visualizing what your “house” will look like, and gives you the opportunity to make changes before the building begins. We’ll share how this is mirrored in retirement planning.
  • A “Retirement Plan Tracker” or “RPT” is the foundation of every SGL client’s plan. So what all is inside this crucial component of the plan?
  • Just as every house depends greatly on each of its cornerstones, every financial plan relies on all of SGL’s 4 Core Pillars. We’ll share what they are.

Listener Questions:

  • “I am turning 50 and I feel like I am behind on my savings. What are my best options to fast-track and get back on track to accelerate my retirement savings?” – Rick
  • “In the higher inflationary period we are in, I hear more attention begin given to TIPS. Can you explain TIPS, and whether they should be in someone’s portfolio?” – Jeff

Tune in now to join us for this discussion!

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