The Market is Reacting, But No Need to Panic

Our 2 Cents – Episode #092

The Market is Reacting, But No Need to Panic

On today’s podcast episode, Steve and Gabriel begin by discussing the Russia-Ukraine conflict’s impact on the stock market and economy. Then they share some hidden biases that cost investors money and how to spot them within yourself. Last, they wrap up with a thought-provoking question from one of Gabriel’s clients.

  1. The Market Reacts to the Russia-Ukraine Crisis:
    • Broadly speaking, what might the overall impact on the markets be in light of the current Russian invasion of Ukraine?
    • Gas prices and inflation are already on the rise – what can we expect next?
    • The S&P 500 has already entered into correction territory, what needs to happen for us to see a Bear market?
  2. Are Your Money Biases Costing You?:
    • There are 4 main money biases: Present bias, loss aversion, overconfidence & base rate neglect
    • Hidden biases affect the money decisions you make, without you even knowing it
    • Over 98 percent of study participants exhibited biases that cost them financially. So, how can you identify money biases within yourself and avoid them?
  3. Client Question:
    • “How do you deal/reconcile in your mind a previous investment decision that, had you done it differently, would have made you a ton of money?” – B.H.

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