The “Money Voices” in Your Head

Our 2 Cents – Episode #093

The “Money Voices” in Your Head

Welcome back for another episode of Our 2 Cents. Steve and Gabriel jump right in by talking about some hidden voices you may have in your head that influence your money decisions. Then they cover the world of designations and credentials and how to detect which are important. They wrap up with a fun question, too! Listen in now!

  1. The “Money Voices” in Your Head:
    • How are we influenced by the “money voices” in our heads without realizing it?
    • The two main voices: Greed and Fear, and how they drive our decisions.
    • What can you do to silence the voices and listen to the facts instead?
  2. Advisor Alphabet Soup:
    • What are all those letters at the end of advisors’ name?
    • Which designations have more weight than others?
    • Experience vs. education—which is more important?
  3. Getting to Know Steve and Gabriel:
    • “What is something that you do that makes you feel old?”

Tune in now to join us for this discussion!

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