Your Questions Answered: Life Insurance, Real Estate, Taxes and Inflation


Your Questions Answered:
Life Insurance, Real Estate, Taxes and Inflation

This week, we answer YOUR questions! Our listeners, ask and we answer. Tune in and take a look to see if we answered your questions today.

For some folks, the idea of putting together a financial plan can be overwhelming. But it’s less threatening if you just focus on a first step to get you started. But depending on your situation, your most logical first step could be one of several things…

Podcast Highlights:

  • Question #1: “I own my office building but have considered selling it when I retire. Would I be better off to keep it and collect rent from a new tenant, or sell it and invest the assets?”
  • Question #2: “I have three whole life insurance policies that were sold to me back in the 90’s. Is that too many? Should I drop one of two of them?”
  • Question #3: “If my primary retirement concern is taxes down the road, does that mean all of my retirement savings should be going into Roth?”
  • Question #4: “What is an appropriate guess for inflation when you’re planning for retirement in the next two to three years? Does it matter if inflation is higher in early years of retirement compared to later years?”
  • Question #5: “My brother-in-law works in finance and I heard him telling some folks at a recent party that everything is overvalued right now and there’s nothing worth investing i right now. What does he mean by overvalued and is that true?”

*Special thank you to all whom wrote or called into the studio with questions. We truly appreciate your support and for subscribing to our podcast!

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