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The Coronavirus Stock Market Recovery Guide

The Coronavirus Stock Market Recovery Guide

Let’s look back to the start of 2020. You didn’t have to be a financial wizard to understand that the 10 year bull market would surely come to an end sooner than later. This is why, over the past couple of years, a lot of financial experts have been saying “You’ve reaped the rewards of the longest bull market in history and now it’s time to take at least some of your winnings off the table.”

Many heeded that advice and repositioned their portfolios to protect their gains and hedge against the upcoming losses. Unfortunately, many others, swept up in the euphoria of continued historic highs, stayed the course, betting the market would continue to rise for at  least one more year. And like all bets that are on a winning run, there comes the time that next bet is a loss. It’s always been this way.

This time, it was the pandemic COVID 19 that caught us all by surprise. Check out this special report to read our advice for recovering from these unprecedented times.

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