3 Secrets of Successful Savers

Would you like to save more money for something special? Vacations, emergencies, and of course retirement? And why is it that some people save and some don’t, or can’t? Are there secrets to saving money? Well I think there are, and today I want to share with you 3 secrets of Highly Successful Savers.

Hello I’m Steve Lewit, and this is SGL TV.

You know, I’ve observed great savers for a long time. The first secret I discovered is that they are ruthless about their savings! They set their savings goal, and then there’s nothing absolutely nothing that will get in their way — no matter how hard life gets, money goes into the bank.

The second secret of successful Savers is that they know what they earn, and they know what they spent. Yes, they have a budget and they live by it. You’ve heard the phrase knowledge is power? Well, when it comes to saving knowledge is more than power. It’s like a great energizer, reinforcing your willpower to save now and every day in the future.

The Third Secret I’ve discovered about highly successful Savers is their willingness to trade gratification now for gratification in the future. Most people don’t want to wait to feel the pleasure of the gratification of buying or doing something. Great Savers put a cork in their desire to be gratified, and they understand that if they gratify themselves now when the future comes to pass that could bring a more unfavorable lifestyle in the expected.

So those are the three secrets of Highly Successful Savers: being ruthless about their savings, empowering themselves by knowing what they earn and spend, balancing their future and present gratification.

Can you be a successful saver? Yes you can! Just make up your mind and if you do you will have 4 more gratification than you thought possible.