Why You Need to Re-Think Life Insurance

Are you confident that your loved ones are taken care of if something were to happen to you?

On today’s episode…

  • Upon passing, people could leave a financial black hole.
  • Are you eligible for life insurance? At what price?
  • Are young & healthy individuals the only ones who can get life insurance?
  • Each insurance carrier is different. Find the right one!
  • Are there steps you can take to make you more eligible for life insurance?

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What do new babies, mortgages, college education, and retirement income all have in common? Did you figure it out? The answer is they are all Financial top priorities — which if a spouse or partner passes away — can leave a financial black hole that can make life difficult if not impossible for the surviving person.

Life insurance is the solution, but are you even eligible and at what price?

Hey everyone I’m Gabriel Lewit and this is SGL TV.

When it comes to life insurance almost everything boils down to your age and your health. Younger and healthier means quicker acceptance and lower costs, but what if you’re older? What if you’re younger, but with the medical history, or what if you’re a smoker or overweight for your height?

First it’s important to realize that many people feel they cannot get life insurance but they actually can. Yes you might pay extra, but if you can afford it you will be able to get it and you will give you and your family the peace of mind about the future that you want.

Second each insurance carrier treats medical issues differently. It’s important to understand that one insurance company might turn you down, but the other will accept you each looking at the same exact medical issues differently. Finding the right insurance care — one that fits your personal profile — is often overlooked, and just because you’re turned down from one company don’t give up trying to get the carpet you need because there’s a strong possibility that there’s another company out there, just waiting for your application!

Third, once you recognize that you have a need for life insurance take steps to make sure you will be eligible before you apply. If you’re a smoker trying to stop if you can. If you’re overweight do your best to start exercising regularly. If you’re a drinker try to lower your weekly alcohol consumption.

Remember, life insurance is your way of protecting the future of your family. Just ask folks who have had the sad experience of losing a spouse or partner and what life insurance is meant to their future. When it comes to life insurance, in many instances if you take the right steps your eligibility will be assured.