Welcome to SGL TV


You may have 3 questions on your mind: Who is SGL Financial? What do we do? And what can we do for you? Let’s see if we can get those answers for you.

Hi I’m Steve Lewit, President and Co-Founder of SGL Financial — and welcome to our first episode of SGL TV. We’re a financial planning and wealth management firm that serves as a true fiduciary to our clients. I and Gabriel, who is my son and partner, and our entire team are dedicated to a singular mission of guiding you on your financial journey, and more importantly being there for you at the most pivotal or challenging times in your life. This was our mission when we started the company, it’s still our mission today, and it will be our mission for the many years ahead. It’s our passion, and our passion is all about you.

Hi, I’m Gabriel CEO and Co-Founder of SGL Financial, and once again welcome to SGL TV. As my dad said we pride ourselves on being a true fiduciary. We join with you at the hip, and take every step of your financial Journey with you.

Our goal is making sure you’re doing the very best you can both financially and personally. To accomplish that we need to put your needs, goals, and desires first ahead of our own. And that’s what a true fiduciary is, a person who has one dedicated Focus: your well-being above everything else.

As a holistic financial planning firm in addition to paying attention to your Investments, we also pay attention to every other part of your financial plan. First and foremost we get to know you, your vision and goals, your unique money mindset and your future retirement plan. Then we guide you through all of your planning needs, such as your debt management, your health care planning your College Planning, Insurance planning, Estate Planning and so much more — the list really does go on and on.

We are in a great sense a one-stop-shop where you can feel confident that you are getting accurate, well-thought, and well-researched advice. To us, that’s what fiduciary means and we work hard every single day to make that a reality for you and every one of our clients.

Folks, we are really excited about bringing SGL TV you. This show is going to be great. It’s going to be filled with timely information you need to know and you can use right away. We hope you are as excited as we are!