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SGL Live On WGN News – Tax Filing Tips

Posted Thu Feb 11, 2021

Tax Season officially kicks off today and to mark the occasion SGL’s Steve Lewit spoke live on WGN 9 News. Last night, WGN anchors Lourdes Duarte and Ben Bradley asked Steve what to expect when filing your taxes this year. In this segment, Steve answers important tax filing questions including where to begin with filing your taxes, COVID-19 stimulus check and unemployment implications, as well as new tax changes that have recently taken effect.

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LIVE on WGN News – Steve Lewit – End of Year Investment Strategies

Posted Wed Jan 06, 2021

SGL Financial wrapped up 2020 with an interview on WGN 9 News! Steve Lewit spoke live on air with WGN anchors Lourdes Duarte and Ben Bradley about End-of-Year Investment Strategies. The pair asked Steve questions on a range of topics, including whether considering a Roth conversion is a good idea, some tax increases we might see in 2021, the second round of stimulus checks, and more.

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Steve Lewit on FOX 32 Chicago News – The Markets Reaction to the Presidential Election

Posted Thu Nov 05, 2020

On Saturday morning, Steve sat down (virtually via Skype) with Fox 32 News to discuss how the election results could affect investors: Is one candidate better for the stock market than the other? If the final election results are delayed, will that impact the economy? Is your age and where you’re at today with your investments a factor in how you might be affected? What about taxes and the differences between the two candidates?

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SGL Live On WGN News – Post-Election Markets And Investments

Posted Wed Nov 04, 2020

On another live broadcast this past week, Steve Lewit was interviewed by WGN 9 News about the changing markets after Election Day. WGN anchors Lourdes Duarte and Ben Bradley spoke with Steve to discuss the stock market rallying right after election night, what that could mean for the market going forward, and some year-end tax planning strategies to keep in mind.

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SGL Live On WGN9 News – Tips On Navigating The Economic Fallout

Posted Fri Jun 12, 2020

Steve joined WGN anchor, Lourdes Duarte, to share his advice for navigating the economic fallout from COVID-19 setbacks. Now is the time where families and individuals are starting to really feel the economic hardships that have come along with the shutdowns. So what happens when the paychecks stop and the stimulus packages from the government are no longer available? Tune in now to hear Steve’s tips and advice to help generate financial stability during volatile waters.

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SGL Live on WGN9 News – Advice for 2020 Graduates

Posted Thu May 28, 2020

Steve joined WGN anchor, Lourdes Duarte, to share his advice for 2020’s recent high school and college graduates. Life as we knew it has dramatically changed—not just for adults but also for the students graduating. The most exciting years of these student’s lives have been trumped by COVID-19 and now they need to navigate these murky waters and overcome obstacles they never thought they would face.

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Yahoo Finance Interviews Steve Lewit – How to Maximize Your 401(k) Savings

Posted Mon Feb 24, 2020

Steve was recently “live” with Yahoo Finance’s The Final Round to share tips on how to get the most out of your 401(k). With the latest global news and headlines, it is important to remember key investment management strategies to ensure you’re setting yourself up for financial success for now and the long run of retirement. Is your 401(k) portfolio allocated in conjunction with your risk tolerance?

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How to Save Money This Holiday Season

Posted Tue Nov 13, 2018

With the holidays fast approaching, how do you make sure you can get all the gifts you want for your family and friends without going into debt? Watch SGL Financial President, Steve Lewit’s recent interview on WGN Evening News. He shares great tips and insight with Lourdes Duarte and Ben Bradley for sticking to a budget and ensuring you don’t spend all of next year paying for this year!

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Your Money Matters: Tips to help you have more money saved at the end of month

Posted Tue Aug 21, 2018

It’s the end of the summer, have you had your OMG (Oh My Goodness) moment? Steve Lewit was invited to join Tonya Francisco on Chicago’s very own -WGN 9 News! Steve got to share some great insights and tips on how you can save more money! From getting out of debt to ensuring that your budget is fine-tuned, there are many options and ways to find more money to save. Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun and enjoy yourself. […]

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