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SGL Live on WGN 9 News – Silicon Valley Bank Failure

Posted Wed Mar 15, 2023

Last Friday, March 10th, we began hearing word of the failure of Silicon Valley Bank in northern California. WGN News asked SGL President, Steve Lewit to join them on a segment to review what happened with SVB and what it means for the banking industry as a whole. Here’s what Steve covered Live on WGN 9 News: The impact of two bank collapses and how it extends to Chicago. Is this a broader issue across the banking industry or is […]

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SGL Live on WGN 9 News – Navigating Tip Requests

Posted Tue Mar 07, 2023

We are seeing prompts to leave tips at more and more places these days. SGL Financial President and Co-Founder Steve Lewit was on WGN 9 News to share some advice on when and where you should consider tipping and how to not let it ruin your budget. Here’s what Steve covered Live on WGN 9 News: What should people do who feel like they are spending too much already and now everyone expects tips too? How has tipping culture changed […]

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SGL Live on WGN 9 News – Impact of Interest Rate Increase

Posted Fri Sep 23, 2022

Interest rates are at the highest level they’ve been in 14 years. Steve Lewit, President of SGL Financial sat down with Ray Cortopassi of WGN 9 News to discuss what this means, how it is – or isn’t – impacting inflation, and what consumers should be doing going forward. Here’s what Steve covered Live on WGN 9 News: This is the 3rd consecutive jumbo hike, are we seeing any effect on inflation? With mortgage rates impacted, what should people who […]

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SGL Live on WGN 9 News – Student Loan Forgiveness

Posted Thu Aug 25, 2022

WGN 9 News asked Steve Lewit to join them live to cover breaking news after President Joe Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Plan was announced. Here’s what Steve covered Live on WGN 9 News: Who qualifies and how the program is going to work What will the application process look like What the reaction he’s been hearing so far has been What will happen if you still have a balance after the forgiveness

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SGL Live on WGN 9 News – Back-to-School Shopping Tips

Posted Wed Aug 03, 2022

Steve Lewit, SGL Financial’s Co-Founder and President, was back on the evening news with WGN! He’s talking all things back-to school-shopping with Ben Bradley and Lourdes Duarte. Here’s what Steve covered Live on WGN 9 News: Tips for back-to-school shopping without breaking the bank Ways to cut back on new items, or save a little extra at the store Illinois’ Sales Tax Holiday – August 5th — 14th What items qualify for the tax break?

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SGL Live on WGN 9 News – Stocks Enter Bear Market

Posted Fri Jun 17, 2022

WGN 9 News reached out to ask our very own Steve Lewit to join them and offer his financial expertise and insight into the stock market entering bear market territory and what that means for investors. Steve answered news anchor Ray Cortopassi’s important questions about the current state of the markets and the economy: When does the bear market become official? What is driving this? Is it inflation, the war in Ukraine, or a combination? What should investors be doing […]

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SGL Live on WGN 9 News – Last Minute Tax Filing Advice

Posted Thu Apr 07, 2022

As the income tax filing deadline fast approaches, WGN 9 News asked Steve Lewit to join them for a live segment on tips for tax filing procrastinators. Steve appeared alongside the WGN 9 Evening News anchors to discuss important things to know if you haven’t yet filed your taxes. What to do to ensure you file on time, and your refund isn’t delayed How the child tax credit payments may affect your taxes Important deadlines for e-filing and using MyTax Illinois Why […]

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SGL Live on WGN 9 News – Love and Money Advice

Posted Thu Feb 17, 2022

Steve had a blast appearing live on WGN 9 News on Valentine’s Day! Steve joined the segment on Monday evening to discuss love and money and how they “intermingle.” What is the biggest key for couples to keep in mind when discussing their finances? How would the average conversation about money go? People tend to have different views of how to deal with money, how do couples who have a wide discrepancy between what they make get past that? How […]

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SGL Live on Fox 32 News – Tips to Avoid Overspending This Holiday Season

Posted Tue Dec 14, 2021

SGL President and Co-Founder Steve Lewit was welcomed back to Fox 32 news over this past weekend! On Saturday morning he shared some smart holiday shopping tips to keep in mind while out grabbing gifts this year. Advice for any last-minute shopping Debit card or credit card – what should you use for purchases? Holiday Tips – who to tip this holiday season, and how much?

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