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Can I Change My Residency to Florida in Retirement?

Posted Fri Mar 15, 2019

  Just the other day I received a phone call from one of our long-time clients. This client had just completed their tax return and had a pretty eye-opening question. She asked me, “Trent, I’m tired of all of these taxes in Illinois and, as you know, I have a place down in Florida where I spend a lot of my time in my retirement years. Can I claim Florida as my resident state to save on some of these […]

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The 5 Key Questions Your Retirement Plan Must Answer

Posted Thu Mar 07, 2019

  Designing a great retirement plan is no cakewalk! There are so many different variables for you to consider when planning. What should come first? What goals are you trying to achieve? How should you be invested? The list of questions is almost endless. Nevertheless, having a retirement plan is the most important component in ensuring financial success during your golden years. As you assess your own financial and retirement plan, you’ll want to consider a few key questions that […]

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Hopefully You’ve Had Your Financial Health Checkup – Now It’s Time for Your Cybersecurity Checkup

Posted Fri Mar 01, 2019

  Unfortunately, some of the concerns we deal with every day as financial advisers are identity theft and cybersecurity issues. Have you ever wondered why all new computers come with some sort of trial or free anti-virus software already installed when you buy them? Here’s the answer, a recent tech article I read estimated that it takes less than 2 minutes for a computer that is newly connected to the internet to be exposed to a virus unless they are […]

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What Not to Put in Your Safety Deposit Box

Posted Fri Feb 22, 2019

  There’s a popular advertisement today that says, “What’s in your wallet?” This is our take on that from just a little different viewpoint. I recently assisted an elderly friend during a trip to her bank to take a look at what was in her safety deposit box. The box was virtually crammed full of documents and other items. After inventorying everything and throwing away a ton of old and out of date items I realized that my friend was […]

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7 Retirement Issues That Should Be On Your Radar

Posted Fri Feb 15, 2019

  Whether you’re already retired, thinking about retiring or retirement is just on your mind, there are specific financial concerns which, if not considered, could undermine the best years of your life. Most folks don’t understand the stress that retirement puts on finances. You work all your life to save, grow and accumulate retirement funds and then the day comes when your paycheck is no more, and your retirement funds must provide enough income to support you for the rest […]

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Financial Lessons Learned from the Government Shutdown

Posted Fri Feb 08, 2019

  The government shutdown is over. Government workers have returned to their jobs and back pay should be arriving soon (if it hasn’t already). Things are back to normal… for now. President Donald Trump announced on Friday, January 25th, a deal to reopen the government for three weeks after clashing with congressional Democrats over funding for a U.S.-Mexico border wall. An estimated 800,000 federal workers went without pay for 35 days, and an additional 1.2 million contractual workers also didn’t […]

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What is Your Top Financial Priority in Retirement?

Posted Fri Feb 01, 2019

  So… you’ve finally made it to retirement. It’s time to sleep in, relax and enjoy some well- earned quality time. That’s exciting news! Or, perhaps you’re just a few years away, and starting to think more seriously about what your retirement will look like. Whenever we’re working with clients about planning their retirement, whether it’s in a few years or they’ve just retired yesterday, the most common question we always get asked is this… what should I do with […]

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There Really Are No Shortcuts

Posted Fri Jan 25, 2019

  Given a choice, everyone would wish for life to be easy and for success to just fall into their laps. However, my experience, and the life stories I have heard from hundreds of our clients, friends, and business associates has shown that life can be hard. Because SGL is a holistic financial planning firm we will concentrate in this article on “financial” success, but we fully acknowledge that financial success is one small part of having success in life. […]

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Could the Chicagoland Housing Market Impact Your Future Plans?

Posted Fri Jan 18, 2019

  Home is where the heart is. And, right now, if your heart is at home in Chicagoland, you may be wondering what will happen to its value, especially if you’re planning to buy or sell in 2019. There are many questions that anyone planning their next real estate move might be considering right now: What will the housing market do in Chicagoland in 2019? What are the forces driving prices up or down? What are the trends? What should […]

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