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5 Tips for Retirement Planning in Your 50s

Posted Mon Oct 19, 2020

There are critical steps you need to take for retirement planning in your 50s. That’s because, in the United States, the average retirement age is 62. In fact, about 64% of all Americans decide to retire between the ages of 55 and 65, meaning that your 50s will likely be a very important time for tying up loose ends and preparing for retirement. There are quite a few things that can make retirement planning difficult for anyone, including our neighbors […]

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Can I Retire Early? Six Questions to Ask Yourself

Posted Thu Oct 08, 2020

Can I retire early? It’s a question that many Americans ask themselves, from the remote corners of Maine to the sunny beaches of southern California, to the streets of SGL Financial’s hometown Buffalo Grove, IL. After all, who wouldn’t love to wave goodbye to work deadlines, rigid schedules, and unhinged bosses? Many people, actually. Retiring early can necessitate sacrifices that sometimes outweigh the appeal of early retirement. But deciding when to retire has a significant impact on your retirement planning, […]

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When Should You Start Retirement Planning?

Posted Mon Sep 21, 2020

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.” The same is true of retirement planning: start doing it today so you can be comfortable in your golden years. Retirement planning at any age can benefit from the expertise of a financial advisor. Learn how SGL Financial can help you reach your goals. New college graduates in their twenties rarely think about what their financial needs will be in their seventies. Most of them are […]

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How to Stress-Test Your Retirement Plan

Posted Mon Sep 07, 2020

“Am I ready to retire?” is a question that millions of people ask themselves. Yet, for better or for worse, only some people will ever have a fully satisfactory answer. One of the reasons that retirement planning can be so difficult is future uncertainty. In addition to not knowing where the economy might be ten, twenty, or thirty years from now, it is almost impossible to forecast how long you will live or whether any unexpected expenses are likely to […]

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Are You Ready to Announce Your Retirement?

Posted Fri Dec 13, 2019

  The time is nearly here. You’re about to tell the world you’re going to retire. Are you ready? This is a big moment, one of the biggest in your life. It’s also one you’ve been working your whole life towards. And, with such a big change looming on the horizon, it’s normal to start questioning and wondering if you’re really, in fact, ready for this to happen—both financially and mentally. The goal, however, is that you’re able to announce […]

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How Do You Create a Retirement Plan?

Posted Sat Oct 05, 2019

  Thinking about creating a retirement plan? That’s an excellent idea. But wait… how do you do that? I mean, what’s really in a retirement plan, anyways? And, how do you even get started? At SGL Financial, we’re retirement planning experts. Building rock-solid retirement plans is what we do—all day, every day! In today’s article, let’s take a look at the steps that are required to successfully design a retirement plan that lasts throughout your retirement years. We’ll provide you […]

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Back to Brexit

Posted Thu Sep 05, 2019

  The Abbreviation That Won’t Go Away Brexit! It stands for British Exit from the European Union (EU) which is due to happen on October 31, 2019. Well, it’s really been back in the news lately. But why, and what’s the big deal? As you know, I am an economist, so Brexit has particular intrigue to me. But, more importantly, as a financial planner, I believe it holds significant weight and importance in how it may impact the stock market, […]

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5 Financial Myths

Posted Wed Aug 28, 2019

  At SGL, we find that our clients, like most Americans, are trying to do their best with the money they have. They have various goals including: saving for or surviving retirement, dealing with home ownership (taxes, maintenance, downsizing, etc.), or paying down debt. Pitting those goals against the realities of jobs that don’t pay enough, inadequate retirement savings, rising health care costs, our predilection for wants vs. needs, etc., too many people fall prey to the old saying, “there’s more […]

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Watch Out For These Retirement Risks!

Posted Sun Aug 25, 2019

  Knowing what risks you face can be important in every aspect of life. You know, for example, that when driving you face the risk of a car accident. What do you do to protect yourself? You wear your seat belt. When you head onto the lake to go boating or canoeing, you run the risk of falling in the water—so, you wear a life-jacket. The more you know about the risks you’re facing, the better prepared you’ll be to […]

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