How Will the new Tax Cuts & Jobs Act Impact You?

Posted Wed Mar 07, 2018

With the new Tax Cuts & Jobs Act in full effect, how will this affect you, your investments and your retirement? On today’s episode… Who and what the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act affects Fears of the market collapsing Taking standard deduction versus itemizing Reconsidering Tax Strategies Out with the old and in with the new; Three Dimensional Portfolios Thank you for watching and we look forward to seeing you next time!

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401k – Did You Know?

Posted Tue Feb 13, 2018

Have you recently or are you planning on changing jobs? Do you know what your options are for your 401k? On today’s episode… What to do with your old 401k and what are your options? Can you move your old 401k to your new company? Can I roll over my 401k to a roll over IRA? Creating an action plan for your old 401k Maximize all of your opportunities Thank you for watching and we look forward to seeing you […]

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5 Principles for a Well Managed Portfolio

Posted Mon Jan 29, 2018

How can you make your money grow and preserve it? Is it possible to guarantee your income will last your lifetime? On today’s episode… Engineering a portfolio to maximize growth and minimize risk. What is your investment mission? Do you know your risk style? People are living longer, will your money last your lifetime? What are your core priorities? Diversification is important for maximum return! Thank you for watching and we look forward to seeing you next time! Transcript: How can I […]

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Why You Need to Re-Think Life Insurance

Posted Mon Jan 15, 2018

Are you confident that your loved ones are taken care of if something were to happen to you? On today’s episode… Thank you for watching and we look forward to seeing you next time! Transcript: What do new babies, mortgages, college education, and retirement income all have in common? Did you figure it out? The answer is they are all Financial top priorities — which if a spouse or partner passes away — can leave a financial black hole that […]

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3 Secrets of Successful Savers

Posted Tue Jan 02, 2018

Would you like to save more money for something special? Vacations, emergencies, and of course retirement? And why is it that some people save and some don’t, or can’t? Are there secrets to saving money? Well I think there are, and today I want to share with you 3 secrets of Highly Successful Savers. Hello I’m Steve Lewit, and this is SGL TV. You know, I’ve observed great savers for a long time. The first secret I discovered is that […]

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Welcome to SGL TV

Posted Tue Dec 12, 2017

Transcript: You may have 3 questions on your mind: Who is SGL Financial? What do we do? And what can we do for you? Let’s see if we can get those answers for you. Hi I’m Steve Lewit, President and Co-Founder of SGL Financial — and welcome to our first episode of SGL TV. We’re a financial planning and wealth management firm that serves as a true fiduciary to our clients. I and Gabriel, who is my son and partner, […]

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